Royal crossing of the Lozi people at the height of the annual flooding of the Zambezi River. The Lozi people have lived with the rise and fall of the Zambezi River for centuries, seeing their villages become waterlogged, then gradually submerged. It's believed they migrated to these flood plains from the Congo basin in the 17th century. Now they must move annually, at the whim of the Zambezi River, and wait for the king's signal to move to drier land.

  • Signed and numbered limited edition print
  • 1st print in series sold for $2,292 at ArtHouse-NG (Nigeria) Auction in 2016
  • Includes hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Includes 3"x5" card of the story behind the ritual
  • Lot Size: 100
  • 32" W x 24" H
  • Medium: Pastel chalk
  • Paper: Fine textured art paper
  • Framing not included


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